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I’m Zakiyya. I help individuals, personal brands and small to medium sized businesses achieve an online presence with sophisticated, clean, polished and responsive web solutions.

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“We are ecstatic and extremely impressed with your efforts and overall design, layout and look of the website. John could not stop complimenting what he saw! Really Well Done, my Daughter! I'm adopting YOU!”

-Jay Vyas, Six Sigma Training & Consulting

“Hileya is a proud customer of Pixel Website Studio for the past 3 years. Zakiyya's web design and maintenance service is outstanding. She manages our marketing strategy and we would highly recommend her for any company that is looking for a modern, vibrant and energetic Web Designer and Marketer.”

-Avish Singh, Hileya

“Zakiyya revamped my website, making the website more attractive, interactive and effective. Her efficiency was excellent and she has great innovative skills. I would definitely recommend her to any industry looking to change their current website or designing a new website.”

-Preshika Bennideen, Resource Plus

||This is a lovely piece of design, Zakiyya! I really enjoyed your fresh approach to the integration of the vector and raster aspects of the design – great circle detail, well drawn flowing lines. Your work is eye-catching and original. You've demonstrated more than just technical skill. The colours you chose also work really well in this composition. This was a really lovely piece of work. Well done!||

-Kim Mathurine on submission of an Assignment, UCT

||Zakiyya played a massive role in the design of my company logo as well as the construction of my website to launch my online presence. Her attention to detail and design initiatives are excellent. Looking forward to working with you in the future!||

-Nazreen Hamid, N.Hamid and Company